Do you know the U.S.?

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FreiheitsstatueStatue of Liberty, New York, built in 1885/86 (Foto von 2005) | Vollständiges Bild und Bildnachweis (Public Domain, Wikimedia): Bild anklicken



The United States – a nation of 312 million people is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations. Immigration from many countries over the past five centuries has shaped America’s national identity as we know it today. Due to the great variety of ethnic groups, traditions, and values represented in the USA, it is sometimes described as a salad bowl of cultures



Bildnachweis (alle via Wikipedia):  „Young Patriot“: Public Domain | Statue of Liberty: CC BY SA Dschwen | Martin Luther King: Public Domain | Poster: „I want You!“: Public Domain | White House: Public Domain | Fastfood: CC BY SA LukeB20161933


    1 | a) Solve the jigsaw puzzle above.

    b) The pictures in the puzzle represent important aspects of American culture and history. Choose two of them you find especially fitting to describe the U.S. Note down which pictures you chose and give reasons for your choice.

    Picture 1

    Picture 2

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